Sales Circuit

The Sales Circuit will return in January 2023. Members can now submit desirable stamp pages at our regular meetings, 50 pages per member limit.
The Hamilton Stamp Club has a very large and extensive sales circuit and is very well attended. New pages are added at every meeting and are available for purchase to all members and visitors. Our Circuit Books are also displayed at many Stamp Shows throughout Ontario.

Stamps are sorted in books by: Country, from Aden to Zimbabwe, or by Topic i.e. Trains, Flowers, Insects, Sports etc.

Stamps are priced at about 50% catalog value. You can find some great bargains here. Only paid-up members of the club can place stamps in the circuit books, so join the club ($15 a year) and make a few dollars.

All submissions must be on Club Sales Sheets, download to your computer by clicking here, please read the terms and conditions below regarding submissions.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please do not mix countries or topics on a Sales Circuit page.
  • Ensure that your Member Number appears on every sheet submitted.
  • When possible Scott Catalogue, or Unitrade numbering is preferred.
  • Catalogue value and net selling price is required for all stamps.
  • Minimum selling price, $0.10. All pricing shall be in multiples of even numbers.
  • For your protection, it's recommended that pages containing single items with Catalogue value of $10.00 or higher be submitted in a plastic sleeve.
  • All stamps submitted for sale are submitted at the risk of the Owner, The Hamilton Stamp Club assumes no Liability, for loss or stolen items.
  • All stamps must be submitted on Hamilton Stamp Club Sales Circuit Sheets.
  • Members will be paid for stamps sold, annually.
  • Pages will be returned after two (2) years in the Circuit Books, or earlier if substantially depleted.
  • For the purpose of Year End Auditing of the Circuit Books, there will be NO submission of Sales Circuit Sheets in December.

Bring your want lists to the next meeting and check out the club books, you may just find the stamp you are looking for. For help or questions, please see John Vengris, and/or Clare Maitland, at the Clubs Sales Circiut Table. Scott Catalogues are also available at the circuit desk for you to use at all meetings. ```